Plant Hire
Job Planning Software

Plan jobs, manage and track assets simply and efficiently

The Plant Hire industry relies heavily on good administration practices to effectively schedule jobs and respond effectively to short notice requests.

Plant Hire

TritonWorks job management software gives your operations team the power to organise jobs, staff, assets, all in one simple to use application.

Prepare for
better job planning

With a view of all your team and client details in one
place, your plant hire business will save time and be
able to get equipment to clients faster and more
efficiently. Whether locally or nationally, you’re
equipped to deliver for your clients.

Start tracking,
stop theft & misuse

Protect your machinery and assets from theft and
misuse with simple and intelligent tracking. Monitor
trends and driving habits of fleet vehicles and have
the ability to remotely disable the engine, if required.
Your plant machinery can also be protected with
battery powered asset tracking that keeps you in
control of assets at all times.

Job Progress

Live Track
Team and

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